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Can Porcelain Mugs Get Into The Microwave Oven?
Nov 13, 2018

Microwave oven can be used in containers:

(1) glass cooking utensils. It includes utensils made of glass-ceramics, borosilicate glassware, ceramic glass and other heat-resistant material utensils.

Ceramic cooking utensils. Fine pottery, crude pottery, porcelain utensils, that is, general ceramic bowls, plates, wok and so can be used. However, containers with metal trimming may spark or spit off. Do not use them.

3. Heat-resistant plastic containers. All heat-resistant plastic containers can be used. But please use heat-resistant glass or ceramic utensils for more oil.

Fry the dish. Microwave saucers are specially designed for frying and frying. For example, fried pork chops, fried meat pie, fried steak and so on. This special dish is coated with microwave absorbing material to absorb microwave and heat it. Food is heated on the surface of the dish to produce frying and frying cooking effect. To make better use of the frying pan, please read the instructions of the special frying pan.

5. Fresh-keeping film and heat-resistant PE bags. When cooking vegetables, it can be used to cover vegetables or as a cover for containers, but do not directly wrap meat and fried food.

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