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Selection Of Plastic & Selection Of Water Cup
Jan 21, 2018

Selection of plastic & selection of water cup

Try to choose the regular stores, or in a large supermarket to buy plastic drinking cup, should not be cheap. With polycarbonate (PC) plastic drinking cup for example, non-standard processing, material rough cup will release bisphenol A in the process of holding the hot water, and the higher the temperature emissions more the faster release speed, the harm to human health. Regular sales business will inspect production license, food hygiene inspection report and related qualification of plastic drinking cup production enterprises certificate. Try to choose the regular well-known enterprises or enterprise products, free phenol, acrylonitrile monomer residues and other harmful substances prone to plastic resin, the national hygiene standards are mandatory content, the product must meet the limited requirements, after passing through the test of the product to the factory sales.

Smell smell, bad quality products have a sharp smell (odor).

Look at the appearance, whether there are defects or defects.

There is no crack and notch in the 1. cup body.

2. smooth surface, no scratches and flying edges, there is no obvious scar and scratch on the inner wall.

The 3. cups have no obvious water absorption and no bubbles, the color and lustre are bright and clean, and there is no obvious impurity.

There are no stains and precipitates in the 4. cups.

5. the print, the pattern is clear and complete, there is no obvious faded, error and other defects. [5]

Summary: knock the blackboard and focus on:

1. The material of different plastics should be used in accordance with the regulations.

2, PC plastic cup may have bisphenol A, but it will not be used to decompose bisphenol A under the upper limit of temperature.

3, PC material has been banned for infant food packaging and bottle products.

4. Choose to pay attention to the place, smell and appearance integrity, and use it according to the regulations.

Hope that through this content, can give you jittery heart eat a reassurance. The PC plastic cups produced by regular factories will not be harmful to the human body when they are regulated on the line temperature. Of course, if they are really worried, they can consider replacing ceramic cups and glasses.

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